A taco joint in Brooklyn, NY where amazing ingredients, fresh tortillas and delicious tacos are just the beginning.


It's a travesty that New Yorkers don't know what a breakfast taco is.

That's what Wayne and I thought, years ago. And we joked, wouldn't it be awesome to have a little breakfast taco place somewhere in Brooklyn? Bring a little bit of Texas to New York? Back then, Wayne was working crazy but rewarding hours at Bouchon Bakery and I was wrangling web sites, so we let the idea pass. But we came to a crossroads. We went on an inspiring little trip, and when we came back we knew we wanted to make something that we could call our own. We said to ourselves, why NOT a breakfast taco place? Why not do all the things we're so passionate about - hosting events, sharing food with people, working with others? And that's where we find ourselves today.

We've started down this road of building something from scratch. Some days I'm totally overwhelmed by the amount of stuff we have to do - it's like untangling a single knot in a string and then realizing you've got a whole ball of knots that you have to work out. Other days I can't contain my excitement about the project, especially when we're sharing something and we get positive feedback. 

I feel like I'm learning something new every day, and we haven't even found a space yet! I intend to make this blog a space where we can share our struggles and triumphs with others, whether it's someone in the community who's excited about our place, or a fellow start up business owner who has the same questions we do, or a person who just wants to share their thoughts about this project. I feel like the actual process of starting up a business is mostly this black box that nobody ever really discusses, and I want to demystify that.