A taco joint in Brooklyn, NY where amazing ingredients, fresh tortillas and delicious tacos are just the beginning.


Two Weekends and Two Great Events

Yesterday, we had another great event. Our neighbor Kay, yearning to make up for a missed block party this year, set out to organize a block wide stoop sale. We answered her call for food vendors and were met by over a hundred eager mouths.

We managed to setup and sell about a third of what we had with a staff of four the previous week, with just Tracie and myself. I think we rocked it out pretty well. Many neighbors,  Texas transplants, Bed Stuy tourists, and twitter followers passed through our little block to share in some conversation, great weather, and we hope, delicious tacos.

Thanks to everyone who stopped by as 'regulars' and a big Texas 'Howdy' to all those new folks we met yesterday. We hope you enjoyed it and we look forward to feeding you at our next event, perhaps at your home or holiday party!!! Let us know if you have an event that you'd like to have some tacos or tex-mex and we'll see if we can make it happen.

Our neighbor and friend @Ultraclay stopped by and enjoyed a few with his wife to start off their day...

Revisiting Bed Stuy Alive! 2011

Also, in case you missed all the fun yesterday or last weekend, here's a little jaunt through last Saturday. All photos are copyright and courtesy of Ultrateg ( Donny Tsang, of EatToBlog and Foodaissance fame). Many thanks to Donny for capturing our first 'official' neighborhood event! Hopefully it leaves you salivating for some tacos.

Tracie, ready for orders
ready for orders-poster.jpg

The Garnishes

Our Menu

Kitchen Team, Focused (X-man, Me, and Kathy)

Tortilla Station

Homemade Grapefruit, Ginger and Lime Syrups

First tortillas of the day

Cauliflower Two Ways: White with Sumac and Fresh Oregano and Golden with Cumin and Cilantro

Seasonal Veggies Fired

Meat: Pork, Chicken and Texican Chorizo (Unlike many tacos joints, we don't keep ours steaming on a hot line all day, we fire to order. Ice keeps it cold until fired.)

Carnitas; Roasted, Arcadian Pastures, Pork Shoulder

Good energy, great team, beautiful day...
good energy-poster.jpg

As always, many thanks go out to our collaborators, supporters and purveyors without whose constant and quiet work none of this would be possible: Xavier James (Chef de Partie at Fedora), Kathy Ba (Former Sous Chef of Bouchon Bakery, Private Chef at Maison Privé), Hot Bread Kitchen, Arcadian Pastures, Tello's Green Farm, Millport Dairy, Eckerton Farms, Berried Treasures Farm, Cayuga Pure Organics (particular the magic of the miller Greg Moll over at Farmer Ground Flour), Empire Organics, Crop to Cup Coffee, Accíon, All of our Business Plan reviewers and advisers and countless others.