A taco joint in Brooklyn, NY where amazing ingredients, fresh tortillas and delicious tacos are just the beginning.


Menu: Sunday, July 1st

We've been hard at work finalizing this Sunday's menu for New Amsterdam Market. This week we're featuring meats from Clawhammer Farm, we're very excited to be working with Nick Westervelt. 

Breakfast Tacos

all on a Flour Tortilla

  • Egg & Potato: Maxwell's Farm Potatoes Roasted with Smoked Pimentón and Clawhammer Eggs
  • Egg & Cheese: Clawhammer Farm Eggs and Millport Dairy Sharp Amish Cheddar
  • Egg & Chorizo: Clawhammer Farm Eggs and Texican Chorizo  (The chorizo is made by us from Clawhammer's conscientiously raised and slaughtered Clawhammer pigs. We mix it into the eggs while we cook so it's that crazy orange red eggs you might have seen down in Texas or Mexico if you've been)

Regular Tacos

  • Carnitas: (corn tortilla) Braised Clawhammer Farm Pork Shoulder with Cilantro, Pickled Red Onions, and Salsa Verde
  • Bean & Cheese: (flour tortilla) Slow cooked Cayuga Pure Organics Black Bean with Millport Dairy Sharp Amish Cheddar, Jalapeños and Salsa Roja
  • Chipotlé Chicken: (corn tortilla) Clawhammer Farm Cornish Cross chickens whose legs and wings are braised in a spicy chipotle broth adding the breasts to poach at the last few minutes. Served with Jalapeños, Cilantro and Salsa Roja

We make all of our flour and corn tortillas to order on our griddle. We recommend our breakfast tacos on flour tortillas - you can request corn if you prefer that instead. It is amazing, but we think it tastes a little too sweet together. And that just isn't how it's done in Texas. :)


Fermin's Cucumber Lemonade: Market seedless cucumbers blended with the freshest lemon juice, a touch of real vanilla and a dash of sugar (It's terrific with the fresh mint from Maxwell's Farm)