A taco joint in Brooklyn, NY where amazing ingredients, fresh tortillas and delicious tacos are just the beginning.


Lonestar Taco & La Newyorkina: One Night Dinner Collaboration

We're excited to announce a dinner collaboration between
La Newyorkina & Lonestar Taco. We'll be celebrating the bounty of summer with a six course meal inspired by Mexican flavors. 

maxwell's bounty .JPG
Six Courses
Savory & Sweet 

Wednesday, August 29th 
310 South 4th St. (@ Rodney), Brooklyn, NY
Two Seatings: 6 PM & 9 PM
(vegetarian selection available)
Wine & Beer Supplement: $20

Reserve your tickets now - we have a limited number available.
We fortuitously met both in the search for a permanent space and through the market circuit, and discovering that we had similar sensibilities in our approach to food, we knew we needed to do event together. 

We promise an experience that's playful and bold yet refined - this is a chance for both of us to stretch our creativity and offer a meal that is more complex than what we can offer at the markets. It's a taste of all the good things to come! 

And as always, we source as many ingredients as possible from local farmers and producers. We'll be finalizing the menu closer to the date as we confirm what's available at the market and through our farmers, we'll update this post as soon as we know.

About La Newyorkina

La Newyorkina is all about sharing the sweetness of Mexico. The frozen treats & other sweets I grew up which are part of the essence of who I am. I am very excited to share them with you but now, you can enjoy them without having to travel too far! 

Fany Gerson is a chef and a pastry chef who recently published "My Sweet Mexico".  She went to the Culinary Institute of America and trained in Mexico for two years. She originally attended with a focus on the savory side, but leaned towards the sweet. She spent more time on that side of the kitchen and eventually became a pastry chef. 

About Lonestar Taco

Our inspiration evolved from a simple idea that breakfast tacos are something that warms the heart and nourishes the soul. In Texas, they're synonymous with hospitality, a bright point in your day and they're served with a smile. We're committed to working directly with farmers and purveyors in sourcing our ingredients to provide the best tasting and highest quality food. 

Wayne Surber worked at Thomas Keller's Bouchon Bakery for many years, working his way up to Executive Sous Chef. Tracie Lee brings years of expertise in user-centered design and team management as Design Director at a prominent 200+ employee technology & social media firm. 

In 2010, they embarked on a five month journey through Asia and Europe to learn about local food traditions, sustainability and organic farming. They were inspired by this journey to create their own tradition that connects our Texas roots, our current community in Brooklyn, and local farmers and food producers. They are committed to hiring locally and building a dedicated team and passionate group of people.

For event and press inquiries, please email info@lonestartaconyc.com and we will reply promptly.