A taco joint in Brooklyn, NY where amazing ingredients, fresh tortillas and delicious tacos are just the beginning.


Our Food + the Internets

It's been a long and hard road to find a space. We're still not at the end of that road and we needed to adapt our market stand to accommodate a change in season and the upcoming holidays, so we took some time over Thanksgiving to develop our product line which we've always had in mind since the beginning. We thought it could be a way to keep the cash flow going and allow us to continue to experiment with our menu and retail ideas while the outdoor market season goes dormant.  We realized it was also the perfect opportunity to launch our online store. 

So, after we had finally warmed up from returning from our return to the market with our products, we started researching how to make it happen. We reached out to a few friends with experience, weighed their thoughts, ordered shipping supplies, set up a ridiculous number of online accounts and launched the site last week

Most of our orders to date have been friends and family, but we hope to grow the product line and presence from the fledgling state to a much more sophisticated offering and audience over the coming months. We'd appreciate your support in sharing the store with your friends. We have a lot of gift offerings for the holiday season from our Flour Tortilla Kit, where we sourced a custom made rolling pin from Maine, to our Pickled Gift Set of our jalepeƱos and red onions. 

We hope our offerings will help fill the void of our taco absence over the cold winter months. Look out for our upcoming Taco Kits and our Salsas launching in the next few weeks. Or just hop on to lend a helping hand to our dear friend and colleague Fany Gerson