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Our Intern: Catherine Piccoli

catherine picolli.jpg

We wanted to introduce you to our first intern. After the first few weeks of running Lonestar Taco at New Amsterdam Market we quickly realized that while our pool of volunteer tortilla makers were doing an excellent job of filling a gap in our staffing, we didn't want to make a habit of relying on unpaid staffing. One of the things we depart from with a lot of restaurants in NYC is that we see value in what our interns bring to the table, not just what we can bring to them. 

When we set out to find the right person and posted our first job posting on Good Food Jobs, we received a hefty armload of highly interesting and engaging folks. We sat down with Catherine and had a delightful conversation about food politics, philosophy, and cooking. Catherine has a background in retail sales with little experience in the kitchen and is more qualified than either of us in the history of gastronomy and food. A writer by trade with an interest in learning more about starting a food business, she seemed the perfect fit. 

Catherine has been our star employee this year and deserves more than her name on a plaque! Catherine really gets it and says that when we call her up or text to say we need her this week that it's a highlight of her week. We hope it is as rewarding for her in getting an opportunity to break down a pig on her own without some chef ranting and breathing down her neck and get a little deeper understanding of the meditations that are found in kitchen work. She's becoming an excellent tortilla maker to boot. Thanks Catherine!