A taco joint in Brooklyn, NY where amazing ingredients, fresh tortillas and delicious tacos are just the beginning.


We are not an Island

We are not an island. We can't say it enough. Without our network of friends local to NYC, abroad in faraway places, and the vast network of internet acquaintances and industry associates we couldn't have had such a phenomenal year.

Our success as a company this year is not just measured in profitability, while we managed to operate within the black, we are a far cry from being able to pay for ourselves and a full-time staff. To get there we'll have to open a space and commit to a much larger team. That has always been the goal, this has been a year of planting seeds.

Sure, we still haven't found our permanent home, but this year's journey has felt like a giant leap. Pivotal to our progress has been our friends Jen and James Vellano and their company of wonders Maison Privé. Maison Privé is their small but agile catering and private chef company. 

Maison Privé focuses on sustainably sourced and quality ingredients such as Veta la Palma's delectable Lubina. Photo by Jen Vellano

Their clientele are the leaders of the world. They are the movers and shakers of society. Jen and Jim navigate their private lives and events with ease and grace and for those looking for the best in fine dining for a special occasion or every night in their homes, Maison Privé is the team you want.

No company can take the best of regional produce and producers and create as delightful pairing of tastes and expressions as they can. After all they both have worked tirelessly to get to where they are.

jen and lucca.jpg

Jen, worked up until the day she went into labor and bore her beautiful joy of a son Lucca and was back leading a covey of chefs, including me, at a private event a few weeks later. They define commitment to craft, they embody character, and they embrace a challenge.

jen_sinking_a_nail.jpgChef Jen Vellano, of Maison Privé, takes a second to set the last nail in the final wall in their commercial kitchen in Greenwich, CT

Moreover, at a time of need, no matter how busy they were themselves they have taken the time to help their friends. They support their staff in ways few in the restaurant industry would ever consider. They are an inspiration to us, because they are doing it, and doing it very well.

When things fell sour for us with a commercial kitchen in Brooklyn, they opened theirs to us. They had just taken the leap and committed to a commercial space when things were starting to seem amiss for us. Jim called me to ask advice and share stories and I asked him id he'd be open to sharing the kitchen with us for a bit. Without hesitation they let us in and as soon as the tiles were set got us going in their space.

We have no regrets. Everyday we work out of their kitchen we get  an opportunity to listen, learn, share experiences and grow together. 

It's a funny thing, this starting your own business. Really it has so little about earning money or livelihood and so much about learning the limits of yourselves and the limitlessness of your friends, supporters and family and what they all can bring to your lives. We fill enriched because of their efforts and are thankful to have them as friends and supporters.  We are truly thankful heading into these holidays and wish you all the best in the coming New Year!