A taco joint in Brooklyn, NY where amazing ingredients, fresh tortillas and delicious tacos are just the beginning.


To us, tacos are more than just tortillas with some fillings and toppings.


They're a long drive down a hot, dusty road. They're shared with friends and family over a good laugh. They're scarfed down in a hurry or savored over a breathtaking sunset over the hill country. In short, we want to bring a little bit of Texas to this corner of the world. 

Wayne, who hails from San Antonio, most recently was the executive sous chef at Thomas Keller's Bouchon Bakery. Tracie, who is a born and bred New Jerseyite, is a designer. We both bring our love for food, respect for farmers and producers, and a desire to serve the best damned tacos east of the Mississippi to Lonestar Taco.

We're currently looking for a place to call home somewhere in New York, we'll let you know when we've got a location. In the meantime, we might be doing events in your neighborhood!

Questions? Get in touch with us!